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University’s environmental impact

The working time of academic teachers is divided into their research and their educational and organisational work for the benefit of the academic community, not only locally. The variety of responsibilities makes the academic arena sensible to change and sometimes the change can be unexpected in its dimensions. Recently, the expectations for academic institutions, including universities, their faculty and students, have been raising which opens up a gap for questions about the meaning and significance of modern universities.

            Back in the day, following the paradigm of Professor Kazimierz Twardowski, academic education was perceived as a kind of social reality which consisted of multiplicity of personality processes that were crucial for both the scientific and ethical condition of the academies as well as of the society and the region. We believe that one of the most important objectives of an academic institution is to build a bridge between the community, the society and the university.

            Another essential factor is the unique atmosphere that is created by an academic institution and which consists of its traditions, history, customs, internal organization as well as the implemented educational process in conjunction with the expectations of the local and social environment.

            Without further ado, we would like to invite you to join our team for discussion, soul-searching and reflection based on the topics mentioned above. We would like to focus on the following:

  1. University – is it still an academic community?
  2. Traditions and customs vs. contemporary changes in university’s identity.
  3. The culture of a university vs. the culture of an academic community.
  4. University student as an important member of an academic community.
  5. Independent innovations building the networks of a socialized university.
  6. University’s social responsibility.