Dofinansowano z programu „Doskonała Nauka” Ministerstwa Edukacji i Nauki • „Perfect Science” programme founded by the Ministry of Education and Science.


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Mechanisms of counter-hegemony

      This research team will concentrate on looking for ways to undermine the hegemony of the core countries in science. Our goal is to start with the diagnosis that applies to structural conditions that make the core for creating and distributing of knowledge in order to define the mechanisms that form internationalism and promote research that expands the cooperation between the centre and the frontier, both locally and globally.  We intend to look for ways that bring true internationalism without submission.

      Below are listed some of the issues we would like to concentrate on:

  • publication policies of international journals;
  • hegemony of the English language;
  • the academic market and mechanisms of marginalization;
  • questioning imposed internationalization;
  • mechanisms of supporting solidarity between researchers from the semi-periphery in the national and international dimensions;
  • mechanisms of academic innovation in the semi-periphery;
  • counter-hegemony of semi-periphery;
  • issues and options of the world-systems theory by Wallerstein in relation to universities.