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Historical background for establishing universities in the frontier

      The history of universities, strongly related with the history of the culture itself, is also linked with the advancement of various areas of civilisation. The formation of academies and universities in the capital area of a country and in its economically and culturally developed hearths has been the most common approach to keep the ongoing expansion of knowledge and to maintain the region’s capacity to its fullest. The formation of frontier universities always had its strategical connotations and from a historical point of view it is important to take into account the various factors that played a crucial role in this advancement. Even though these universities were somehow geographically distant from the centre, they were significant in the growth of the frontier regions.

      It is particularly important to revise this issue from a multiperspective, taking into account all the factors that were essential when it came to creating frontier universities,  for instance:

  • geopolitical factors, including the attitude of central and local authorities towards the formation of universities and the importance of both the formal and legal factors,
  • social factors, connected with demography, migration and social initiative to create academies,
  • cultural factors, related to the location of universities in the frontier,
  • economic factors which were strongly connected with the infrastructure and other material resources.